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ABRAEX - Associação Brasileira de Aviação Experimental (Brazilian Association for Experimental Aviation) is a profitless entity whose mission is to develop and encourage the amateur building of Experimental aircrafts in Brazil through the exchange of experiences among its associates, project development and events.

ABRAEX has the recognition of the ANAC – the Brazilian National Agency for Civil Aviation – and holds a permanent seat in the Counsulting Counsel of this Agency

ABRAEX encourages the amateur construction of aircraft in Brazil and hás, among its members, designers that developed highly successful aircrafts. ABRAEX has also a large amount of technical articles and materials as well as a data bank with names of engineers, suppliers and service providers that can help you to build your plane.

1. Notícias Abraex (ABRAEX News): - Newsletter that helps associates to keep in touch and also provides technical and informative articles, news, suppliers, etc.

2. Anual Inspection Report (RIAM): The ANAC understands that no one knows an aircraft better than the person who built it. Being so, it delegated to ABRAEX the responsibility of deciding who can or cannot make his own report. This exempts the true builder to take his aircraft to a certified maintenance shop allowing him to make the inspection himself.
To do this, a member has only to get in touch with ABRAEX.

3. Contact with other builders: If you are a member and is thinking about building na airplane, ask help from ABRAEX. Get in touch with builders of aircrafts similar to that you are considering and ask for a visit to get yourself familiar with the detais of the project.

4. Technical help: ABRAEX hás a Technical Board that, together with its Directors and other Associates can help builders to clarify doubts or indicate who can do this. We also supply information about suppliers of specific parts for your aircraft, both directly, in our headquarters or through Directors and Technical Counselors.

5. Aeronautical Engineers: To build na aircraft you must have a certified Aeronautical Engineer to provide guidance and follow up your project in accordance with the legal procedures. ABRAEX has among its members professionals with these qualifications that will provide their services with a discount in their fees for ABRAEX members. All you need to do is make a call and ask for the address or phone of the engineer.

6. Aeronautical Forwarding Agent: When time comes to obtain all the documents for your plane, instead of waiting months our members can use the services of a forwarding agent recommended by ABRAEX, who will provide, a much quicker clearance in addition to a fee discount.

7. Technical Articles: ABRAEX has now a library of specialized magazines that member can consult.

8. Headquarters: Today our member can make use of a comfortable headquarters room where he can ask for information or even sip a friendly coffee.

9. Gathering point in aero meetings: ABRAEX has its own tent that already became the gathering point of members and friends in aeronautical events and fairs, providing a refreshing resting area among friends with similar interests.

10. Yearly Party: Getting together!  Keeping this in mind, we promote at least one party every year. This way we provide an opportunity for our associates to interact with aviation people, to see several types of aircraft and perhaps start his own project or simply only relax.

11. Lectures and Workshops: Lectures and Workshops are programmed in order to provide associates with reliable technical information and “hands-on” practical experience with several techniques and materials.

12. Regional Directories (Chapters): Associates living far from our headquarters can also make contact with our Regional Directories, or regional center of development of experimental aviation but with links with headquarters. This allows our associates to have support closer to where they live.

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Associação Brasileira de Aviação Experimental
Caixa Postal 318 – CEP 06455-972
Alphaville – Barueri – SP
Fone 55 (21) 9 7855-8778